Taxes are generally placed on real estate but in many states, personal property is also taxed. Properties having both of these along with business value are extremely challenging to owners and assessors and many do not always get it right. We have been involved with countless tax cases and have testified in all manner of hearings on all levels. Our experience and training are second to none. Appraisers are not allowed to be compensated on tax savings. It is unethical to do so. Many times this benefits our well-informed clients when they know what they are looking towards. If receiving consul to walk away at levels not achieved by certified estimated values caution is advised. The law is clear taxes are based on market value. Commonly, there are only two ways to achieve market value indications by law. They are a recent sale of the property in question or an appraisal performed by a qualified appraiser. With this said, the most common reason for meeting an early end is a second opinion of value. We work with all parties involved and our unbiased opinions allow us to independently service both municipalities and taxpayers alike. While it is always best to avoid; loggerheads occur, we are more than qualified to advocate for our estimated value under any adversarial conditions.