Litigation can mean any situation. The scopes of work possibilities are endless. The four most common litigations in our business are bankruptcies, partner or corporate break-ups, estates, and/or neighbor disputes. We have consulted high ranking military retirees being rained on by golf balls to neighbors dropping toxic waste onto adjacent properties. We have been expert witnesses in State, Federal and Municipal courts on dozens of occasions and have been involved in hundreds of valuation dispute cases. Our record speaks for itself. Our file preparation and valuation support allow us to settle most of your matters before trial. While it is always best to avoid; loggerheads occur, we are more than qualified to advocate for our estimated value under any adversarial conditions. In valuation matters, our understanding of interactions between tangible and intangible assets related to real estate, MTS and MVTAB gives us fluency and credibility when dealing and consulting on symbiotic properties. Let us help sort out any valuation issues and bring clarity and some direction involving your case.