Located at our LaSalle Street address since 1993 Vertin Valuation Services has been valuing properties in the Midwest for more than 30-years. Since starting, our business branched into symbiotic equipment and other machinery and technical specialties (MTS) much of which includes real estate. We appraise these properties throughout the US. While our foundations are built on complex commercial-industrial real estate in the Great Lake States of Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana areas of expertise have expanded. Still, it remains a large segment of our business today and we welcome all assignments. Look at the photographs in our portfolio and the location of these properties in our interactive map. You will see there are very few (if any) Great Lake State communities we lack experience.

The valuation of real estate, MTS and businesses has allowed us to value many types of assets related to sewer-treatment facilities, biogas equipment, and production systems. Other more common symbiotic properties such as golf courses, hotels, graveyards, gas station convenience stores and most any property involving multiple values have become more common assignments.

We also have experience in bank buildings, cell phone towers, hospitals, medical centers, funeral homes, churches and schools, and dozens of other unique property types.

Property Value Determination for:

  • Lending

  • Acquisition-Disposition

  • Taxes

  • Partial Interest

  • Condemnation

  • Litigation

  • Dissolution Settlements

Our clients are Wall Street Investors, Bankers, Conduit Lenders, Mortgage Brokers, Direct Lenders, Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Foreign/Local/State/Federal Governmental Bodies, Private Developers and/or Individual Owners.

We have also appraised numerous environmentally contaminated properties, partial interest, eminent domain takings, mining-mineral and riparian rights along with other complex property rights issues. Many of these issues affect the values of modular home communities, campgrounds, skyscrapers, and marinas which we continue to value for other purposes also.

A Symbiotic Property  is defined as a property using a combination of real estate, intangibles and MTS in operations as a going concern (generally a business) in which the value of the mixture (or the whole) is higher than the value of the independent elements of the mix sold separately.1 When I started using this term “symbiotic properties” I believed I was the first. Later I discovered the term “symbiotic relationship” within real estate appeared in Essays in Honor of William N. Kinnard, Jr., copyright in 2013; by Kluwer Academic Publishers p 213. While the book was copyrighted in 2013 it appears both Dr. Jeffrey D. Fisher and Dr. William N. Kinnard, Jr., were using “symbiotic relationship” within these type properties in the late 1980’s and published a paper for the Journal of Property Management called The Business Enterprise Value Components of Operating Properties published by Aspen Publishers, using the concept in 1990. It is referenced in the book as vol. 2 No. 1, pp 19-27. While the two terms are not exact (one uses properties that other relationship) I do recognize Fisher and Kinnard saw the symbioses prior to my observation.

Your Property’s Estimated Value

Nothing stays the same. Property Values change constantly! Whether you need a current,retrospective and/or prospective market value of the asset, having a credible appraisal can save you time and energy when requiring reports worthy of belief. We have both Members of the Appraisal Institute (MAI) and Members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) available holding both expertise in commercial real estate and machinery and technical specialties (MTS). If you are interested in knowing how much your property is worth request an appraisal and we’ll get in touch with you with a price and estimated date of completion.


Market Coverage

We have had various valuation assignments in more than half the US including some territories. In some areas, appraising real estate may require certification (commonly related to an assignment); however, the gold standard of appraisal services (especially for MTS and commercial RE) remains the designation format (which is commonly harder to obtain than state licensing). We hold both state certifications and the most trusted US and International designation to assure your quality assignment is done with integrity. Take a look at our interactive map accessed below.

Market Coverage